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The City of Greenup, Kentucky, is a place where opportunities for businesses and residents alike are great in number! We pride ourselves on our downhome feel that combines perfectly with our welcoming business environment. As the county seat of Greenup County, we make the perfect launching pad for economic growth in Eastern Kentucky. Within a stone’s throw, a business can have easy access to many different markets, including those in Ohio, and residents and visitors can experience the best that Eastern Kentucky has to offer!

Visitors will be immersed in all the local attractions, including:
  • Greenbo Lake State Park
  • W Hollow, the birthplace of renowned author Jesse Stuart
  • The Old Fashioned Days celebration
  • Beautiful covered bridges
  • One of the finest tributes to the armed forces at the Greenup County War Memorial
  • Great local golf courses
  • Many, many more!

Business can benefit from having easy access to I-64 from the nearby Industrial Parkway. Quick access to Northern and Southern Kentucky via US 23, and fast access to Ohio via the Greenup County Locks and Dams. Not to mention all of the rail and river access for easily moving goods and freight to any market in the world!

Residents have many different retail, entertainment, and dining options! Not only that, they’re some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. In Greenup, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and innovative. We have a great school district and have many regional colleges to choose from!

Come for a visit, to open a business, or to live! There is so much to do and explore that even those who make the visit, realize it takes a lifetime to take in everything that this area has to offer!

Latest News

New Work Order System for Water Department

by Nathan on June 24, 2013, 12:09 p.m.

The Water Department is now armed with a new technology that will help them more efficiently service the residents and customers of the City of Greenup water system. The system is internet based which allows administrators to input work orders via a website. These work orders are then pushed real-time to the workers in the field via their smartphone devices. The notifications allow the workers to instantly know when a new work order has gone into the system. The work order contains all the pertinent customer information and problem description. In many cases, GPS coordinates are available that take the worker straight to the meter. Whether by coordinates or address, the system allows workers to pull up a map with directions to the location of the reported incident. Once a ticket has been worked on, the worker updates it with the notes of what was done and changes the status of it accordingly. Ticket ownership ensures that workers aren’t double working one another. After the ticket is complete, it is archived and available to be reviewed and referred back to if the need arises in the future!



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